About - Aine Beirne Communications
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Aine Beirne Communications

Hello! I’m Áine Beirne


– an Irish name, pronounced something like ‘Awn-ya Burn’.


A Podcast Producer with a love for perfecting your audio and aligning your branding; I ensure you are communicating effectively with your dream audience.


With my work being online I am privileged to work with clients around the world and hope to continue to connect with people at home and afar in the coming years.


I am passionate about sustainability, body positivity and mental health advocacy and love working with people in those realms. When I am not working I love a good read, a sunrise hike and spending time by the water (the west of Ireland in me really coming out here).


I’ve been very fortunate in my journey so far to meet some amazing virtual businesswomen, we’ve connected and helped each other through like teammates, if you’re starting out online be sure to get in touch with me.

Have an idea? I’m here to help make it happen!


I have always had a love for online media and just wasn’t sure what side of it I wanted to be on. When I left school in 2013, I started a blog and a YouTube channel and loved the editing and tech work associated with it along with the ability to be creative, but with college and work going on at the same time I decided something had to drop so I ended that part of my online journey. 


At that stage I was studying Film & Broadcasting and getting lots of practical experience in photoshop, shooting and editing video and still content, and writing exciting scripts and copy. When I left college I worked as a producer in a great radio station, Midwest Radio, and got fantastic experience in guest management, topic selection, recording and editing. Looking back now I think that my experience there must have been where I got the audio bug from! 


After that I studied Public Relations with Event Management and gained even more knowledge of media, writing, and Public Relations of all kinds including branding and online marketing. I love to help people with their branding and watch them fall in love with their business or podcast when it really speaks to them and their audience through things as simple as fonts, colours and a logo that truly represents their values.